Limited Lifetime Warranty

We are confident that with proper care, use and maintenance, your leather goods should last until you decide you are ready for a change. If, however, you experience a problem with one of our products, reach out to us at to discuss repair or warranty solutions.

At Tribute Leather, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all qualifying items purchased. This warranty covers potential manufacturing defects and hardware malfunction such as: faulty zippers, hardware function, seam splitting or similar. This warranty pertains specifically to the life of the product in question - warranty coverage will be indicated on product descriptions. In the event that you damage one of our pieces and need a repair we are happy to discuss options and provide associated repair cost quotes. See requirements below.

As we review each warranty and repair case individually and provide shipping labels for qualifying products, you must prior to returning a product, email us with a description of the damage and how it occurred (including a photograph of the damaged area of the product). You must also provide proof of purchase, receipt or purchase sales number and date of purchase (if your purchase was not with Tribute Leather directly you must send a copy of your sales receipt from the vendor).

Product Care and Maintenance

Leather is not waterproof, although some of our hides have been treated for water resistant qualities. If your product gets wet, ensure that you dry it thoroughly and gently with a lint free cloth. Avoid heat drying or direct sunlight as this will facilitate a destructive drying-out and potential discolouration of your product.

For general cleaning (weekly or as needed), use a soft brush or a lightly water-dampened cloth to remove dirt and residue from your product. We recommend that you avoid the use of harsh chemicals or cleaners on your leather products.  If you feel a cleaning agent is required, Saddle Soap is a good option.

For deeper conditioning, a leather balm such as our house made product will recondition your vegetable tanned products, buffing out minor scratches and marks by adding back some of the oil that keeps your leather products supple and luxurious. Keep in mind that a small amount goes far - do not over-treat your leathers, and always test your conditioning agent on an inconspicuous area of your product to ensure colour fastness prior to each use.

With any of our products that include cotton, canvas or other accents, you can spot clean these and allow to air dry - our products are not made to be immersed in water.