About Us

Welcome to our Studio

We are Kelly and Sandi - Canadians, Leather Artisans, Life Partners and Business Owners. 

As long time hobbyists, we directed our interests to leather in December 2016. It wasn't long before interest turned to passion and hobby into business. In September of 2017 we registered our business and in January 2018 expanded with our web-store.

Our home based studio is located in the charming town of Alliston - a community with a "Rurban" distinction, as it is a short trip south to the urban sprawl of the greater Toronto area, and north into rural communities, with quiet country life at your door.

Using leather as our primary medium provides a unique opportunity for combining our well-honed talents. The accuracy of hand-cutting pattern pieces, the patience required for both machine and hand stitching, along with the ability to think creatively in the design process is apparent in all of our products.

Meet the Makers

Kelly, Lord of the Tools

Kelly is a technical genius, give him a tool or machine and he will master it. Give him leather and he will admire it, touch it, and turn it into a remarkable work of art. Without his unwavering ambition and meticulous attention to detail Tribute Leather would not be what it has become.

Sandi, Empress of Implementation

Sandi is a visionary and constant organizer. Her influence is showcased in design and pattern making as well as bringing together the administrative elements that keep Tribute Leather running smoothly.

Our Hummingbird Logo

The hummingbird is intended to remind us to see the beauty in life, reach beyond the challenges of every day, and find gratitude in our experiences.

Much like the thread of the saddle stitch weaves through our hand sewing locking our stitches in place, the wings of the hummingbird move in a figure-eight pattern - the symbol for potential infinity. This figure-eight motion allows a tiny bird to experience agility and grace, stopping mid-flight, flying backwards, whatever it takes to enjoy the sweet nectar that the flower provides.

Within our business structure, we are constantly in motion - testing new ideas, expanding our skills, and adapting our techniques to blend the traditional leather craft skill with modern advancement.

The end result is to produce items that are durable, attractive, and often destined to become heritage pieces.

Deliberate Living

One of the common questions during coffee and contemplation, time and time again, is how do we make our actions meaningful?
In a world of over-consumption and excess, we want to reduce our footprint and make our actions more, well, deliberate.
We want to embrace the elements, live more, consume less, be conscious of our purchases – are they disposable or generational?
Which is why it is important to us, to make quality leather goods that are refined, distinct, and function with the well thought-out versatility required for everyday use.

Support Small Business

Deliberate shopping choices make a difference!
When you decide to shop locally, or buy directly from an Artisan, you’re not just buying a product - you are supporting a vendor, and making a statement that you value and respect the community, maker, and quality of the product.